5 Benefits of Opting for a Two Storey Home

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Do you know that the constantly shrinking size of the blocks in the capital city of Western Australia has given rise to the popularity of two-storey houses! Well, though it’s true that Perth has always been known for its traditional bungalow-style single-storey houses, but with a fall being noticed in the city block-size, now the two-level houses are stealing the show. Plus, the presence of dedicated two storey home builers Perth wide also have a role to play in encouraging homeowners to take their single storey houses to the next level and enjoy various benefits that are mentioned below.

More Indoor Space

When the small size of a block isn’t able to provide you with the spacious rooms that you’ve always desired for, then it’s time to switch to a two-level house that can fulfill your wish. And, when you rely upon reputed 2 storey home builders in Perth, with the help of their modern planning and floor plan designs you can have rooms with more space than you thought to be possible on your small block.

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Space for Backyard

Often the lack of space forces one to compromise on the backyard area to build a single-storey house with spacious rooms. But with the assistance of 2 storey home builders Perth based, when you choose a two-storey house design, you are able to leave space for a backyard or garden, without having to settle for small rooms as well.

Access to Views

For many people who own a block in such a location, they can enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding areas only if they opt for building a two-storey house. Plus, there are various certified two storey home builers Perth wide by consulting whom you can get the most modern and stylish layout for your new house, with an angle offering you the best view.

More Privacy

If receiving guests every now and then is common for you, then two floors can give you more privacy; one of the biggest advantages of a two storey home. There are some trustworthy two storey home builers Perth wide who can offer you amazing floor designs and floor separation ideas with which you can enjoy living in the best way without compromising on your lifestyle and life stage.

No Double Cost

The particular notion that building a two storey house costs just the double than that of a single storey is not true at all. Adding a second storey to your existing one-storey house requires maximum 15 to 30% of the total cost based on the features you choose. And when you build your house with the help of reliable two storey home builders in Perth WA, you stay safe from the risks of overpaying for the construction works.


The main reason for more and more people to think about a two-storied house is nothing but the fact that it is the most cost-effective way of utilizing a city block, no matter how small it is. In case you are willing to explore the variety of designs and floor plans, you can always visit websites like http://www.aveling-homes.com.au/ that can definitely help you with different two-storey house building ideas and designs.

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