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Sometimes, you just want a really good bathroom mirror selfie. Most of the time you want a bathroom renovation because your bathroom isn’t functioning as it is supposed to. If you’re in Australia, you should look for a bathroom renovation team that keeps up with the trends. The bathroom renovations Melbourne companies offer today have a patient approach on renovating. Some companies will go through three steps in a process before they lay down the final quotation of your bathroom renovation costs and start renovating. The trending bathroom renovations Melbourne companies offer these days mostly deal with fixtures, tiles, and fitting.


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Here are some makeover ideas you can discuss with your reno guys and gals:

1. Experiment on Tiling

While you’re planning, you might want to start considering your tiles. Some hot trends today include brave but beautiful choices. The average per metre rate for laying ceramic tiles can vary between $90 and $150. If you’re tired of ceramic, you can try matching concrete with an intricate patterned tile for that urban apartment feel. You can also opt for a Middle Eastern Arabesque tile design or Moroccan Mermaid Scales tiles, which are very popular right now by the way.

2. Mirrors, mirrors on the walls

Some bathrooms Melbourne decorators visualize are filled with mirrors. You can put two separate mirrors if you have double sinks. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also experiment with different shapes and sizes like round mirrors. This can add dimension to your bathroom. You can also choose a huge, rectangular mirror with an intricate framing to lean on your wall for that chic feel. Meanwhile, if you’re into cosmetics, you can illuminate your mirror with mini-light bulbs. A smart mirror design is good especially for small bathroom renovations because it will maximize the natural light your bathroom receives.

3. Let that sink in

The minimalist bathroom renovations Melbourne has today won’t be probably going anywhere. For practical and busy couples, double sinks are a perfect match because they’re usually in a hurry in the morning. Meanwhile, some like to live dangerously and opt for glass sinks. Some notable designs today are vessel ceramic sinks that are rectangular and shell-shaped. Another favorite are undermounted marble sinks. These contemporary sinks can cost from around $90-200$.

4. Bathtubs, baby

Like bathroom sinks, vessel bathtubs are also popular nowadays. Some are even round-shaped. If you want free-standing bath tubs, you can look for those with hand rails or cut corners for safety. Meanwhile, if you are laid-back and you want to maximize space in your bathroom, consider getting a new corner soaking tub.

5. Stylish Showerheads

Throw away your boring showerheads and opt for round rain shower heads. Fun fact: a blast of freezing shower from this can help you battle depression and acne breakouts. If you have a few extra bucks to spare, make your friends green with envy by getting a 30×30 ceiling mount flush shower.

Don’t forget to consult your experienced friends or renovating team to avoid overdoing your renovation. Remember that revamping your bathroom doesn’t only benefit you and your family, but also adds value to your property.

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