Choosing the Right House Design and Style: Factors to Consider

If you are working with builders Perth has to offer to build your dream home, you need to thoroughly discuss with them the pros and cons of choosing specific architectural styles. You need to look beyond your personal taste when making your choice. You have to consider the cost, the needs of your family, and the amount of space you need. You can, therefore, use the guidelines below to learn how you can make the right choice.
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Ranch Style Home
A ranch style home is also known as a farmhouse. It is characterized by its rustic look and spacious interior planning. There are several advantages to choosing this style of home for builders in Perth WA to construct. The single-level living is the most distinctive benefit that you can get, which is why it is highly recommended if you have small children or seniors at home.
Because of its rectangular shape and single-level design, it makes efficient use of space. At the same time, a ranch style home is the best architectural style if you plan on implementing an “open concept” floor plan. Other benefits include a low roof (which makes the exterior and roof to clean and maintain) and ideal for modern living, especially those who prefer the use of free-flowing spaces.
Cape Cod Home
A cape cod home is a quintessential picture of how a home should be. It is compact and efficient, charming and nostalgic. It features a lot of the familiar architectural details that add to the homey vibe of this architecture style. Since the design is compact, it is a great choice if you have a small parcel of land to build a house on. Meanwhile, the simple roof design makes it suitable for solar panel installation. Click here Aveling Homes
A cape cod style is ideal for those building a starter home. It is also perfect if you have a small family and small lot.
Split-Level Home
This is the epitome of modern house living. It offers a lot of space and openness without compromising the loftiness of design. Due to the split level design, it is also ideal if you want to have some privacy with your rooms. In addition, the main room in the house can be used for entertaining because of the higher ceiling. It makes the space cozier and seem bigger due to the high ceiling.
If you have a sloped lot, this architectural style is your best option. But it does require a lot of spatial consideration; make sure you hire the best builders Perth has to ensure fluidity in design and planning.
Colonial Home
If you love history and have a distinctive taste for the old classic, then a colonial style home is your best option. You would not have a hard time looking for home builders Perth has to offer given that it is a pretty well-known and easy to adapt design. It is also great for all sizes of the family since it usually comes with an attic, which provides more storage and insulation.
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