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Factors that Impact the Cost of Installing a New Air Conditioning System

Quality sleep is what you would wish to have after a busy day in your office or business. There is no need to spend multiple nights beating the heat since this would affect the quality of sleep you expected to have. Those experiencing poor sleep as they try to beat the heat at night should ask themselves; how much would it cost calling in experts at Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning to install a new air conditioner? The answer you get would probably depend on a number of factors.

Aspects that determine the amount of money you would pay for central AC installation include:

The size of your home

Ac units come in different sizes and you can choose the right one for your home based on your home’s square footage. Air conditioners have different sizes depending on the amount of heat the unit can extract from a home. For instance, a single ton air conditioner can withdraw up to about 12,000 British Thermal Units. If your home has the square footage of about 16,000, you would need to install a two and a half-ton AC unit. However, the best thing to do is to get AC professionals at Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning to get the accurate square footage of your home.

The current HVAC system

The cost of installing a new air conditioner would also depend on the existing HVAC unit. Some homes have air conditioners already while some of the new ones don’t have any. Most AC experts say that most old homes would need new ductwork. The existing ducts in most old homes are under-insulated, worn out or too small for the intended purpose. This is among the reasons most of the people who own old homes experience higher energy bills and noisy operation. If the old unit is no longer functional, it’s important to look for the best air conditioning installation Atlanta GA has to offer.


Most people find do-it-yourself cheaper. However, they forget that it’s quite unrealistic especially if you don’t know what AC installation entails. Installing a new HVAC system is complex. It includes running high-voltage wires, stabilizing the air conditioner on the ground, adding a new duct system and adding circuit breakers. Most experts in Moncriefair air conditioner replacement in Atlanta GA know how to get the right AC unit depending on the size of the house.

Other considerations

Besides the three aspects above, other variables may also have an impact on the installation cost. However, most upfront upgrades are aimed at reducing energy costs in the future. If you want to buy and install an air conditioner unit with a higher seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER), you should expect to pay more compared to buying a unit with lower SEER. In some countries, some people use units with higher SEER to increase chances of qualifying for tax credits. You can get more information on this at Moncrief Heating & Air Conditioning or from any other reputable HVAC company.

There is no way you could be preparing to install a new air conditioning unit and you don’t calculate the cost. The initial cost of Moncriefair air conditioning replacement you come up with may not always be accurate. You would need to consult an air conditioning expert to get the most accurate estimation.

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