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House Beautification 101: Build a Patio You Can Enjoy All Year Round

A patio is a valuable addition for your home. It allows you to use your outdoor space for entertaining or for relaxation. However, there is a common misconception that patios are only good for use on summer. But should you close the doors to your patio during winter? With the help of expert builders at Perth Better Homes, it is now possible to enjoy your patio all year round.

Raise the Roof

This is the first and most important tip when building patios for all weather. Expert patio builders Perth WA has would recommend adding a roof to your patio so that you can utilize the space whatever the season may be. In addition, use roof shingles the main structure of your home so that it blends seamlessly. If you do not want to use roof shingles, you can have a sturdy metal roof constructed instead. Both options are great for making your patio secure from the elements no matter what the weather is.

Another advantage to building a patio roof is to protect the space from discoloration. This is very common when leaves, debris, and rain come into contact with the patio surface. Over time, the elements can wear the materials and cause it to discolor or degrade.

Add Drapes

Building a roof with the help of experts on outdoor patios Perth currently has is one idea. Another great option to secure your patio for year-round use is to add drapes. Heavy curtains can provide the privacy you need in your patio while also giving you the versatility to pull them open when you want to enjoy the outdoor view. Whether it is a chilly wind or rain that you are trying to protect from, the drapes can get the job done. As a bonus, drapes can also add another aesthetic element to the patio.

Add Heat Source

Having a heat source in your patio is a good way to regulate the temperature during winter or autumn. You can opt to build a fireplace, fire pit or ceiling mounted heaters. All of these will provide the warmth you need during those chilly winter nights so you can still spend time on your patio. It depends on the size of your patio; you can install big or small, permanent or temporary heat sources.

Be Smart with Furniture

Building a patio that can withstand any season with the help of builders from Perth Better Homes is a good first step. When it comes to decorating the space with furniture, you need to be smart about your options. Do away with the chaise lounge or upholstered furniture. Instead, choose furniture that is specifically manufactured for outdoor use. Teak or wicker furniture are the most popular options when it comes outdoor or patio use. You can choose whatever style you want but these two options are going to give you longevity.

Need to build a patio that you can use from summer through winter? Reach out to Perth Better Homes now and there are experts that can help you design a patio that you can use any time of the year: http://www.perthbetterhomes.com.au.

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