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How to Give Your Bathroom a Complete Makeover

Bathroom renovations is important in any household. However, it involves meticulous planning. The Housing Industry Association, headquartered in Canberra, Australia has about 40,000 members. They are committed to providing services for house renovation for 60 years now. These services include renovating kitchens, gardens, bathrooms, etc. They are reaching out to people with the help of journals and by conducting various workshops. Read on to know how you should be carrying out your next renovation.


bathroom renovations


Plan Appropriately


Before you make the first buy off for renovating your bathroom be very sure of the bucks you are ready to spend. Once you are clear of the labor cost and allied expenditure, you can go around choosing the tiles and other fixtures. The tiles and other items advertised online and also in stores may look appealing, but be very sure about their functionality and dimensions with respect to your bathroom space before buying


Seek professional help


A total bathroom renovation provides a scope to scan the existing structural flaws in floor tiling, electrical repairs, leakage through the pipe vents, seepage in the tiles and corroded plumbing. Cutting-edge bathroom renovations & extensions firms conduct provide a three-step process for bathroom renovations in Melbourne viz: on ground survey and choice of accessories, finalization of quotation for the repair work and execution of the job.


Shelves and storage


That’s a very tricky thing in bathroom renovation. Not only should the woodwork look classy and elegant, it should also ensure that the stuff you store is within the easy reach. Carefully crafted furniture not only houses your toiletries but also conceals exposed pipeline and wirings. A glimpse of the same is provided by cutting-edge bathroom renovations Melbourne firms conduct.


Walls and floors


The primary concern about walls and floor is to make them waterproof by using quality stuff and skilled labor for an impervious finish. There is a wide range of options for flooring, starting from floor tiles to granite and marble till the time they are durable and skid-proof.


Light ‘em up!


Try to accommodate maximum natural light in your washroom. Restrict artificial lamps to not more than four watts per square foot. The overall endeavor should be to create a soothing ambience, which of course varies from person to person.


Let the air flow


Proper ventilation is an inescapable requirement. It is important to choose the correct position for installing the fan, properly conceal the wiring so that your bathroom does not remain damp as it may invite health hazards. This also keeps the woodwork in your bathroom in good health.


Going Green


You may keep up with the latest trends of saving the environment by installing toilets that use less water, using no-VOC paints, placing shelves made of recycled glass, etc.


The Finishing touch


Once the makeover is complete, you may go for a cleaning contract to clear off the wood peels, cement marks etc. which hamper the appearance.


Doing up your bathroom is a time and money consuming job. So definitely do consider the above whenever you are planning to do up your bathroom again .