Watermelon Seeds: 4 of the Nutritional Components They Contain

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If you are asked to mention some of the fruits with many health benefits, you would probably have watermelons in your list. Most people say watermelons are good for their health, but they hardly mention the seeds. People salivate when they think about that juicy and sweet pulp, and only consider seeds for a spitting contest. The truth is that dried and roasted watermelon seeds are what you need for a great snack. These seeds have nutritional components that won’t leave your health the same it was. Some of the nutritional components you find in these seeds include:

B Vitamins

The seeds you find in a watermelon are heavily loaded with numerous B vitamins. If the food you eat is not converted into essential bodily functions and energy, it won’t be of any benefit to your body. These seeds play a major role in enhancing the conversion of the food you eat into utilizable components. Among the B vitamins found in these seeds, niacin is the most prevalent. Niacin is known to enhance skin health, digestive system, and nervous system. Other forms of vitamin B you could find in watermelon seeds include vitamin B6, riboflavin, thiamin, folate and pantothenic acid.

watermelon seeds


The protein content in the seeds of a watermelon, which some people just spit on the ground, is usually high. If you take one cup of these seeds and dry them properly, you could get 30.0g protein. This is actually about 61 percent of the protein requirement you need daily. Watermelon seeds in Australia contain different amino acids such as arginine acids in them. Although your body produces arginine in some proportions, you still need additional arginine from these seeds. Arginine is essential in treating coronary disease and regulating blood pressure. Other amino acids found in these seeds include lysine, glutamic acid, and tryptophan.


Some people find it surprising to note that these seeds have fat content. If you heat and dry one cup of watermelon seeds, you would get about 50g of fat. Out of this, about 11g would be saturated fat. According to a recent study, these seeds also contain other fats such as omega-6-fatty acids, polyunsaturated fats, as well as monounsaturated seeds. These fats are effective in reducing cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. read more

4 innovative house designs that can be incorporated in your dream home

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With technology and development in the sphere of real estate, today houses are being built and designed with innovative ideas and in visually appealing designs which you have never thought of earlier. In fact, recently the Grand Designs revealed some of Australia’s best house designs NSW residents preferred. These designs would never fail to impress you and would give you the inspiration to build your own house in an innovative way. If you would like to incorporate some innovative or simple hacks to make your dream house look beautiful, then here are some suggestions to look into.

house designs nsw

  • Wrap around porch: If you hire luxury home builders to build your home, then you might want to try and incorporate a wrap around porch. This porch is circular or semi-circular in shape, often elevated in nature. It gives your home the palatial welcome when you come straight in driving your car. Porches are often decorated with beautiful lights which give them a fabulous look when lighted in the evenings. At times, you can have fancy road lights or road lanterns all throughout the path to welcome people inside your house. An innovative way to use a wrap around porch is when you have the porch running around your house in a circular fashion allowing cars to enter and exit from two directions.

  • Country house styled front corridor: If you are planning to construct a house in your farmland, then keeping a simple country house styled front corridor would be one of the best options. Mostly, in spring farm home & land adjacent to your homes, you prefer to let your children and pets out to play amidst the lush greenery. Thus, a corridor styled entrance with beautiful sitting and recreational arrangements would allow you to keep an eye on your children and pets as well as proceed with your daily chores. Visit us at Eden Brae Homes
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