A simple solution to effectively furnish your dream home

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The interior of your home will be incomplete if you do not furnish the house appropriately. But, choosing suitable furniture is always a challenging task.   In such cases, the ideal remedy would be to take recourse to furniture packages Perth firms offer. In order to address this issue, an interesting trend is developing in Australia and that is to look for a ‘turnkey’ home. In this case, the property developer apart from constructing the house will also undertake to furnish the house accordingly. The furnishing is always done according to your requirements.

French design furniture:

One of the furniture stores in Australia offers French design furniture under the furniture package deal. The furniture is made of solid timber like oak or from plantation wood or recycled wood. The furniture available under this package deal is durable and also cost effective.

furniture packages perth

Customized package deal:

The turnkey home appears to be one of the ideal solutions to furnish the home. But, the furniture packages Perth firms offer go beyond the advantages of furnishing the home under the turnkey home project. The furniture package is a customized approach to furnish your dream house.

Requirements for furnishing home:

The furniture that you choose for your home should enhance the beauty of the interior. Further, the furniture should provide you desired comfort; it should be durable and cost effective. The furniture packages Perth wide are designed to meet all these requirements.

Suits every room of your house:

The furniture packages are so designed they suit every room in your home. For example, there are exclusive package deals furniture in Perth for living room, bedroom, study room, kitchen, lobby, portico and bathroom and so on. In addition to these, there are also exclusive package furniture proposals for offices.

Customized to your needs:

Some of the new home furniture packages in Perth consist of furniture and also other accessories like the mattress, mirror, table lamp and varieties of decorative articles. Interestingly, if the package offered is not suitable for your budget, then an exclusive package will be drawn to suit your budget. read more

Insight into the Cost of Building a Patio

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A patio is a valuable addition to your home. It provides a way for you to utilize your outdoor space while also expanding your living space. In addition, you will have the ideal spot for entertaining your guests in the summer. But before you contact builders that make patios in Perth, it is important to get an idea about the cost first. This will enable you to plan this project carefully and ensure that you can afford to build one before you take that dive. patios in perth   Factors Affecting the Cost of Building a Patio Experts cite that there are two main factors that could impact the patios Perth prices today: 1) type of paving materials and 2) size of the patio. In fact, paving your patio is going to entail the largest chunk of your landscaping budget. If you are looking for a low-cost material, choose concrete. The Perth patio builders you hire can make recommendations on the best materials to use depending on your budget. Hence, make your budget range known to them so they can make adjustments accordingly. If you can afford it, you can also choose stone as your paving option for your patio. It is the most expensive type of material to use for this project. There are several categories under each material though; this could cause the total of patio prices Perth WA has today to go up or down. For example, if you choose concrete materials, you can select between a basic concrete patio and a stamped or colored concrete patio. A basic concrete patio is priced at $6 per square foot while a colored concrete patio will set you back at $20 per square foot. This is a huge price difference! Hence, you need to specify which type of concrete you would like to use on your patio to fit into your budget. Brick paving materials for your patio is estimated to cost between $8 to $12 per square foot. Meanwhile, pavers and flagstone materials are priced at $10-$25 and $15-$30 per square foot, respectively. If you are tight on budget and want to opt for a concrete patio, you can choose the basic concrete material and add accents to the borders using stone. This will add to the aesthetic appeal without compromising on your budget. Subgrade for the Patio This is another aspect of building patios in Perth that will impact your construction project. It is important to prepare the soil for the area where your patio will be built on. If the subgrade is not done right, it can cause your patio to crack over time. Hence, paying a little extra money to ensure the quality of the patio subgrade is well worth the investment in the long run. In compacting the soil for the patio, it is important that any drainage issues should also be addressed at this point. With an idea on the factors that impact the cost of building patios in Perth, you can now make a decision as to how and when to have it constructed. This is an important step to undertake before you can even plan on the design and layout for your patio.

Five Reasons to Consider a Shared Office Space

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If you are a burgeoning entrepreneur or a solo service professional, investing in a shared office space could help you achieve your business goals with a lot of flexibility and freedom. Co-working simply implies working with other professionals in the same space under one roof. In Australia, companies for co-share working Brisbane area currently has also provide studio office space hire.

With a shared workspace, you could derive a number of benefits and opportunities. Whether you are looking for engagement venues Brisbane has to offer or utilities for co-share working Brisbane has today, you could reap the following benefits:

co-share working brisbane

Instant working opportunities

In the presence of other professionals, you can have immediate connections that you would not meet if you worked in a private office. Working in one space and one environment enables you to connect with other business professionals who might turn out to be your clients or important business contacts that you could turn into business opportunities.

Problem-solving opportunities

In a private office, you struggle with your problems yourself. This is different from a shared workspace where you can collaborate with your workmates to share various business problems. For example, you may borrow unique online marketing ideas from your neighbor or acquire important information that could help you develop your business.

The water cooler effect

Once you sign up for a shared working space, you surround yourself with the right people, and you can benefit from the water cooler effect. Much as you could share important business ideas, you can also rely on your colleagues for a word of encouragement just to ward off stress. In the end, you benefit from that water cooler effect that is common in traditional workspaces but which you cannot find in a home office. If you would want to know more about facilities for co-share working Brisbane currently has to offer, you can visit http://lightspace.net.au/.

Professional meet-up space

If you work from a home office, you may not have a boardroom complete with facilities. A shared workspace gives you a good opportunity to use conferencing facilities at a small fee or at no extra cost. With adequate facilities to utilize, you already have an upper hand against your competitors who have to look for such facilities elsewhere. With a shared workspace, you have the confidence to meet your fellow professionals in a professional setting with all the facilities. read more

A Detailed Insight into Home Extension Variations

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The value of project homes is going up and expected to gain tremendous market value in the next ten years, as suggested by the various econometric market surveys! Therefore, now is the best time when you need to start thinking about considering various projects homes to have your dream home built before the increased market value starts creating impediments on your path to materializing your dream.

You can consult professionals like builders in Sydney and try to get home ideas that are not only suitable for your living according to your lifestyle but budget-friendly as well. Here in this article, you would find a detailed insight into home extension variations that can help you make up your mind on how you want your home to be extended.

Single Storey Extension

A single storey building extension is always effective as well as impactful if you prefer practical and utilitarian purposes to mere beauty. If searched properly, you can find a handful of single storey home builders, who can help you to plan and execute your home extension in a pocket-friendly budget so that you can avoid blocking neighbors’ view, making unattractive extensions etc. Search for home builders who have potential knowledge and experience of handling local projects homes, to get the permission of building control easily and extend your house abiding by all the building codes.

Garage Conversion

When your budget is limited, yet you want a home extension, your garage can save you! Well, converting your garage into a useful living space is obviously a cheaper way to give your home an extension. Just a few changes can provide you satisfactory living space. It is advised to replace the standard trusses with attic or storage trusses. Some garages contain only one window, in that case, you need to install minimum another two windows for cross ventilation. Check Eden Brae Homes for more details.


From the 17th century to 19th century, the orangery was a pretty popular part of upscale residences and manors. Usually, such spaces were used to grow trees, or to relax or entertain the guests. If you are planning to build an orangery at your place, you need to get permission and need to follow the local building control codes. Hence, it is always advisable to contact professional home builders and architects to avoid any complicacy. read more

Watermelon Seeds: 4 of the Nutritional Components They Contain

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If you are asked to mention some of the fruits with many health benefits, you would probably have watermelons in your list. Most people say watermelons are good for their health, but they hardly mention the seeds. People salivate when they think about that juicy and sweet pulp, and only consider seeds for a spitting contest. The truth is that dried and roasted watermelon seeds are what you need for a great snack. These seeds have nutritional components that won’t leave your health the same it was. Some of the nutritional components you find in these seeds include:

B Vitamins

The seeds you find in a watermelon are heavily loaded with numerous B vitamins. If the food you eat is not converted into essential bodily functions and energy, it won’t be of any benefit to your body. These seeds play a major role in enhancing the conversion of the food you eat into utilizable components. Among the B vitamins found in these seeds, niacin is the most prevalent. Niacin is known to enhance skin health, digestive system, and nervous system. Other forms of vitamin B you could find in watermelon seeds include vitamin B6, riboflavin, thiamin, folate and pantothenic acid.

watermelon seeds


The protein content in the seeds of a watermelon, which some people just spit on the ground, is usually high. If you take one cup of these seeds and dry them properly, you could get 30.0g protein. This is actually about 61 percent of the protein requirement you need daily. Watermelon seeds in Australia contain different amino acids such as arginine acids in them. Although your body produces arginine in some proportions, you still need additional arginine from these seeds. Arginine is essential in treating coronary disease and regulating blood pressure. Other amino acids found in these seeds include lysine, glutamic acid, and tryptophan.


Some people find it surprising to note that these seeds have fat content. If you heat and dry one cup of watermelon seeds, you would get about 50g of fat. Out of this, about 11g would be saturated fat. According to a recent study, these seeds also contain other fats such as omega-6-fatty acids, polyunsaturated fats, as well as monounsaturated seeds. These fats are effective in reducing cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. read more

4 innovative house designs that can be incorporated in your dream home

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With technology and development in the sphere of real estate, today houses are being built and designed with innovative ideas and in visually appealing designs which you have never thought of earlier. In fact, recently the Grand Designs revealed some of Australia’s best house designs NSW residents preferred. These designs would never fail to impress you and would give you the inspiration to build your own house in an innovative way. If you would like to incorporate some innovative or simple hacks to make your dream house look beautiful, then here are some suggestions to look into.

house designs nsw

  • Wrap around porch: If you hire luxury home builders to build your home, then you might want to try and incorporate a wrap around porch. This porch is circular or semi-circular in shape, often elevated in nature. It gives your home the palatial welcome when you come straight in driving your car. Porches are often decorated with beautiful lights which give them a fabulous look when lighted in the evenings. At times, you can have fancy road lights or road lanterns all throughout the path to welcome people inside your house. An innovative way to use a wrap around porch is when you have the porch running around your house in a circular fashion allowing cars to enter and exit from two directions.

  • Country house styled front corridor: If you are planning to construct a house in your farmland, then keeping a simple country house styled front corridor would be one of the best options. Mostly, in spring farm home & land adjacent to your homes, you prefer to let your children and pets out to play amidst the lush greenery. Thus, a corridor styled entrance with beautiful sitting and recreational arrangements would allow you to keep an eye on your children and pets as well as proceed with your daily chores. Visit us at Eden Brae Homes
  • read more

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