Why Hiring Specialist Refrigeration Mechanics is Wiser

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Hiring specialist tecncios en refrigeracion might just help you save money. Most of the time people are worried about the expense of a service call. Somehow, almost all technicians have an idea about the mechanics of a refrigeration system—but hiring a refrigeration mechanic that specializes in fixing a certain type of refrigerator is more money-wise. Here’s why:


Theoretically, a technician that possesses wide knowledge about machines is more ideal. However, a technician with a focus and specific set of skills is more practical. If a technician specializes in a certain field, it means they went through training and seminars for fixing that specific type of fridge.


Residential refrigeration technicians


  • HVAC systems technicians – They fix units that have above 60° F temperature like Air Conditioners.

  • Refrigeration in residential kitchens – Mechanics fix units with temperatures that are below 60° F.

Commercial refrigeration technicians – Mechanics who fix refrigeration in retail shops, restaurants, and grocery stores. They fix walk-in refrigerators, huge coolers, and stand-alone refrigeration units.


Industrial refrigeration technicians – They fix larger and more complex refrigeration. Units are found in laboratories and plants such as meat, produce, and breweries.

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